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The King’s Daughter by Angelia Cross Cobb

When There is H.O.P.E Devotional by Bridgette Alfred

When There is H.O.P.E: Healing Overcomes Painful Events by Bridgette Alfred

Telling Stories, Sharing Confidences: Stories of Kindness, Humor, And Other Musings, For Uncertain Times by Carol L Gee

My Downward Spiral to Freedom: A Believer’s Journey from Addiction to Serenity by Maria Roberts

We Almost Made It Paperback by Sylvester Cash

The Holiday Boys(®): A creation of teachable lessons for children (Book 1 of 5) by Onicka Daniel

The Holiday Boys(®) & The Tall Man by Onicka Daniel (Book 2 of 5)

The Holiday Boys(®) Make A New Friend by Onicka J Daniels (Book 3 of 5)

The Holiday Boys(®) Present: Big Brother’s LITTLE Problem by Onicka Daniel (Book 4 of 5)

The Holiday Boys (®) Learn Responsibility by Onicka J Daniel (Book 5 of 5), English

This Far by Faith: My Journey Through Life Guided By My Faith by Trudy N Stiff

Survivors of a Generation Unheard: Stories of Generational Survivors by Saadia White  

Amazine Amazon presents Amazine Educators by Saadia White (Author)

My Ice Cream Dream! The Coloring Book by Jasmine Miracle Cobb

Love On Me: Picking up the Broken Pieces to Heal and Become Renewed by Sheldine Gordon

Sometimes all you have is Happy: Second Edition: A Guide to Obtaining Happiness while awaiting your dreams by Alesha R Brown

But God: From Death to Life by Alesha R. Brown