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Beyond Published: How to Get Major Distribution for Your Book Training! 

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Book Your Author Strategy Session:  Up to a 90-minute strategy session for the vision, publication and monetization of your book project(s). A timeline and platform roadmap along with manuscript critique (if a manuscript is provided prior to session). Receive guidance on the type of publishing, recommended book type and course of action to pursue.

The “I’m Gonna Write a Book” aka Writer’s Accountability Coaching Program: Gives you one month access to private, individualized writing coaching including weekly submissions as well as analysis and feedback on your written exercises/submissions. Go from “I’m gonna write a book” to “done & PUBLISHED!”

Be featured in Published! Magazine:  Being a “best kept secret” isn’t good or PROFITABLE. Yet, all exposure is not good exposure. 

Published! Magazine is the perfect place for current and aspiring authors, book lovers, and the companies that promote them to advertise. Why?

Award-Winning Entrepreneur and Publisher, Alesha Brown, created this medium as an extension of her brand that includes a global podcast, business consulting firm, media marketing, and author consulting. As a global entrepreneur who turned her first book to 100% self-employment, she has a plethora of relationships with global influencers, TV executive producers, marketing professionals, and global influencers that she uses for the benefit of her business and author clients. Published! Magazine combines her expertise with years of experience as a magazine Managing Editor, celebrity interviewer, and contributing writer to give authors, writers, bookstores, book service organizations, and other creatives the exposure they need to catapult their success.

Each issue spotlights the genius behind the books that should be a part of your library if they aren’t already. Too many published authors are victims of being the “best kept secret.” Published! strives to put an end to that and place their visions, passions, and message in front of those who need to hear it.

Every issue is sent to:

  • National TV Producers, Executives, and Media Brands including the list below. [These are actual relationships that our founder and Editor-in-Chief, Alesha Brown, has nurtured through her company, Fruition Publishing Concierge Services, and has presented several authors as experts in their fields.]
    • CNN Business
    • Fox Business
    • Business Insider
    • Dr. Oz
    • Rachael Ray
    • Tamron Hall
    • Entrepreneur Magazine
    • Forbes Magazine
    • The Wendy Williams Show
    • The Drew Barrymore Show
  • The top Independent Bookstores in the U.S. who look for expert authors and their upcoming book launches, relaunches, and events.
  • The top Book Buyers at Barnes & Noble

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