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New Releases

#BlackLove: Conversations that strengthen relationships

Black love is unique and like no other. And while our couples and singles will share with you the amazing beauty of black love and the lessons they have learned, statistics show the battle for love in the black community.

  • What makes black love so challenging?
  • What makes black love so special and unique?
  • How do you avoid settling and find your perfect match?

These answers and more are found in this journal as couples and singles weigh in. Whether your current relationship is falling apart or you are a single or married person looking to improve your current situation, this journal is a must-have.

Telling Stories, Sharing Confidences

Telling Stories, Sharing Confidences, the fourth book in the ‘girlfriend’ series, shares one woman’s humanity, warts, and neuroses alike. Author Carol Gee shares the many kindnesses bestowed upon her, many humorous moments, and her comical thoughts on numerous subjects.

Kindness gone wrong: her mother’s coworker provided a bag of used clothing for Carol and her sister, including the infamous “Easter hat” hated by most children.

Kindness in the military: one random act of kindness resulted in a friendship still going strong today, 46 years later.

Kindness during health challenges: find out the random act of kindness extended during life-changing surgeries and when no family was nearby.

Find and strengthen your confidence as Author Carol Gee tells her stories. You’re invited to visit and share your stories with her.


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Flight of the Black Butterfly

Meet a black butterfly on the brink of abandoning love until she meets a gentleman who shows her the true meaning of love. You know, the kind of love that’s evenly reciprocated.

You will learn of her battles with pain, insecurities, love, and social injustice. Take flight with her as she renews her self-confidence, identity, and happiness. After following her journey, a new you will emerge like a butterfly from a cocoon.