Amazine Amazon & The Adrenal Avenger

Pre-Order: $9.99 each plus $5.99 S&H in the US ($11.99 S&H outside of the US).

Launch Date: October 16, 2023

Publisher: Fruition Publishing Concierge Services™




Meet Sam and Sahara, two extraordinary twins who share an unbreakable bond and an unimaginable burden – a rare disease called pheochromocytoma that threatens to shatter their dreams of a normal life. But these courageous siblings are not about to back down. United in their determination, they embark on a thrilling journey to confront the terrifying Pheo Monster, a sinister creature that lurks within their bodies, attacking their adrenal glands and leaving them sick and vulnerable.

The twins soon learn that they are not powerful enough to overtake the Pheo Monster and call for help. Join them on their journey as Sam and Sahara discover a mystical duo that possesses unimaginable power – Amazine Amazon and The Adrenal Avenger. 

Through heart-pounding battles and hair-raising escapades, this comic book takes you on an emotional rollercoaster, unveiling the raw power of love, sacrifice, and determination. Witness the twins’ resilience as they face their darkest fears, and Amazine Amazon and The Adrenal Avenger help them unleash the hero within.

Will the Amazine Amazon’s fierce prowess and The Adrenal Avenger’s incredible strength be enough to save the twins from the clutches of the Pheo Monster? Can the Amazine Amazon and The Adrenal Avenger save the twins and help them have a normal life again? 

Join us on this pulse-racing expedition as we delve into a world where superheroes are born, courage is tested, and the bonds of family are unbreakable. Are you ready to embrace the power of the extraordinary? Grab your copy of Amazine Amazon & The Adrenal Avenger and unleash the hero within!


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