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When discerning authors decide (finally!) to write their first — or last — book, they come to Fruition Publishing® to do it with less headaches, in less time and for more profit. Putting your passion and your purpose on the written page is what we do.

I started with my personal message of guilt, shame and survival and releasing the weight of it all freed me. But something even more incredible happened. I discovered my purpose, the power of my voice and created a platform that took me from Corporate America to living life on my own terms. Over six years later, I’ve helped countless others do the same. Now it’s your turn.

Not all books are the same and neither are you. We don’t help you create a “pretty book” that sits on the shelf. We work with elite professionals and passionate writers from various industries that know they have a powerful message to disrupt their atmosphere.

If you know there’s a book inside of you, don’t leave it unpublished and unheard. Whether you’re writing for passion, for legacy or for profit, we bring your book goals to fruition.

-Alesha Brown, CEO

Award-Winning Entrepreneur|Publisher|Editor-in-Chief, Published! Magazine™

The Profitable Author Association, brought to you by Fruition Publishing Concierge Services®, provides laser-focused information every author and publisher needs to start and grow a profitable book business. It offers proven strategies and techniques, as well as helpful resources to assist in your success. 

Alesha expertly unravels essential components such as crafting a distinctive author brand, creating compelling and engaging content across various platforms, effectively leveraging digital tools for audience interaction, implementing innovative monetization strategies, nurturing authentic connections with readers, and navigating the evolving landscape of publishing. This comprehensive overview will equip authors with practical techniques to establish a robust and profitable platform, connecting them with their audience while maximizing both their reach and revenue potential.

Whether you’re an aspiring writer or a seasoned author, this conversation is brimming with actionable techniques to elevate your author platform to new heights, both in terms of financial success and meaningful impact.

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