Published! Magazine, brought to you courtesy of Fruition Publishing Concierge Services, is the premier magazine devoted to current and aspiring authors, book lovers, and the companies that promote them.

Each issue spotlights the genius behind the books that should be a part of your library if they aren’t already. Too many published authors are victims of being the “best kept secret.” Published! strives to put an end to that and place their visions, passions, and message in front of those who need to hear it.

Representation matters and your voice, via your published book and author’s platform, should NEVER go unheard.


To help each recipient realize the power of his or her voice and connect that to his or her brand, platform, passion, or mission.


By the power of one, ignite the flame within and illustrate ways each one can reach many and be an effective, positive change agent in the world.


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