Write the Vision

and Make it Plain

Alesha Brown - CEO

Alesha Brown LLC, the parent company of Fruition Publishing Concierge Services®, was founded in 2015 after the CEO self-published her first book in October 2014. Sometimes all you have is Happy was more than a 20-year dream to publish her truth as a source of hope to other abuse survivors who were suffering from depression and thoughts of suicide. In six months of its release, Author Alesha Brown was a radio show co-host, a magazine contributing writer & associate editor as well as a transformational speaker, all opportunities afforded her because she was a published author.

But other things were not so glamorous that Alesha discovered in the book publishing process. She was less than thrilled with the outcome of the professional services that she paid for that left her feeling ripped off; the difficulty in promotions and marketing as a self-published author or the uncertainty of how to create a profitable book platform. Her constant study and investment in learning the industry led to the growth of her company to the point that she resigned from her municipal government position a little over one year after her LLC’s inception.

But she knew that there was so much MORE that authors needed & that could be done.

She discovered that many bookstores refused to stock their shelves with self-published authors work and that publishers were given more tools and resources than independent authors. She also saw a rise in those that included “publishing” in their business name but had no real industry knowledge. This awareness coupled with her years of industry experience and success led to the official launch of Fruition Publishing Concierge Services® in late 2018.

Now first-time authors as well as those who are already published but would like to “get it right”, can take full advantage of all of our company’s full publishing services. What you don’t know can be costly: let us make publishing simple, efficient and PROFITABLE for you.

With Actress|Music Artist|Entrepreneur MC Lyte & Author|Celebrity Financial Coach and Entrepreneur Dr. Lynn Richardson
With co-author, Cheryl Harris Sutton, CEO of Harris Sutton Enterprises