How Social Media Exploits: Authors Beware!

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I promise you that I am not in cahoots with Arianna Huffington, although I am a contributing writer for her brand. No, I didn’t write this article, she did, but it is in perfect alignment with my new 4-Week course that launches on Wednesday! (You can click the graphic above to read the article, but continue to read mine first.)

There is nothing more frustrating as an author than to write a book, publish it, and hear crickets later. After the launch, after the first few book sales, after all the excitement wears off, now what? 

Some would advise you to rev up your marketing by using social media. I am not against that option, but I also know authors who spend copious amounts of time on the latest social media trends and with little to no book sales. Even if they get many likes, often not followers to accompany those likes, it somehow does not translate to sales. (Actually, it’s not supposed to, and I’ll explain why during the 4-Weeks we are together.)

One thing I do know: you need a narrative as an author that sets you, your book, and your brand/business apart. Media is a big part of this, but you cannot approach them just any way. Also, you need to be aware of the different expected returns (and not) based on the various forms of media. More importantly, you need to know exactly WHICH Media your brand should be approaching. You can already see the high value this 4-Week course has, and that is without the bonuses I’m providing in addition. 

I am so excited to have you join me for this 4-week course, so I can help you to stop wasting your valuable, revenue-generating time and receive the results you desire. There is nothing more frustrating than working hard, day in and day out, and feeling defeated and depleted as an author. (Side note: the majority of authors who are published are not profitable. This does not have to be true for you.)

Your audience awaits, but it is up to you to introduce yourself and in a way that makes you stand out in the sea of sameness and produces results. Media is one of the powerful tools to do that, but not the way you have traditionally been taught. I cannot wait to share the secrets and give you custom-tailored options for your brand/business. We will officially start classes on Wednesday, November 10th, but make sure you enroll ASAP to get a head start.

See you in the winner’s circle,

-Alesha Brown, CEO, Fruition Publishing Concierge Services
Award-Winning Entrepreneur|Publisher|Transformational Speaker 

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