My Downward Spiral to Freedom: Why Did we Publish This?

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Why this author’s voice deserved to be heard:

Many authors want to know how publishing companies choose which titles to publish. There’s a myth that smaller publishing  houses,  especially those that cater to the  self-publishing  market, accept whatever manuscripts come  their way.  This is certainly not true for Fruition Publishing. We carefully vet our authors as  well as their work and are choosy with  the  titles  we accept.  After all, if you are taking the time and effort to write a book, even if you are self-publishing, you want to know why publishers pick the books they do. 

Earlier this year, starting with our Clubhouse club Publishing Secrets, I have decided to share many publishing industry secrets. I will use our clients and key influencers to reveal some of the factors to why publishers select the books they do and why the voices of these authors should be heard. I’ll start this series with Best Selling Author, Maria Roberts.

Maria Roberts, The Hope Dealer, is the author of My Downward Spiral to Freedom: A Believer’s Journey from Addiction to Serenity. When she presented her concept to me, I immediately knew we HAD TO publish this book! Why?


1.  Timeless issues. Substance addiction and recovery are timeless issues. So regardless of the pandemic, this is an issue that is not going away.

2. An immediate need and high demand. But the pandemic definitely cannot be ignored. Especially for those in treatment, one of the triggers is to disrupt services and accountability. Hello pandemic! So imagine the various members of the addiction community, working daily for their recovery, now disrupted by the pandemic and struggling with their coping mechanisms while losing their community of support in one way or another. No one can be a better voice to them in their time of need and provide hope like someone that has had that journey and fought their way back to freedom. Maria’s transparency does just that and can be one of the tools to truly be a beacon of light and empower the reader.

But I also have a heart for the families and loved ones dealing with those struggling with addiction. You can be years from recovery, but are you restored? Has your family and relationships been restored? The weight of these things and others linger and weigh heavily.

3. Pulls the heartstrings and provides restoration. A big part of marketing your message, book, and mission is to be able to garner the attention of your intended audience. Pulling the heartstrings is one tool that advertisers use. Who doesn’t melt and want to cheer Maria on when she candidly shares how she pulled herself out of darkness and was able to mend her relationships with her mother, husband, and children? Who doesn’t get excited when they hear how she now helps others in the addiction and recovery community find their hope and freedom? Families and communities need to be restored and, in pandemic times, we all want a feel-good story to focus on as we look for brighter futures.

4. Easy expansion opportunities for the author and her platform. As a publisher and small business consultant, this is one of the best parts of what I do and what wakes me up every morning with excitement and joy. I want to show authors how to build profitable platforms just by using their story, journey, and passion. Having a great book idea is not enough; they have to know how to profit from it and get the exposure they need. They must know their industry, their niche, and how they can position themselves to stand out and disrupt the playing field.

Honestly, any reputable publisher would not just accept any book, make its profit, and then say, See you later! We want a book that is going to be profitable, makes a great addition to our brand and what we represent and generates referrals, etc.

Personally and professionally, I believe “it is never too late to EDIT your life” and Best-Selling Author Maria Roberts personifies that. Just a look at our company’s mission and vision statements will tell you why we accept her to the Fruition Publishing Concierge Services’ family:

Mission: To help each recipient realize the power of his or her voice and connect that to his or her brand, platform, passion, or mission.

Vision: By the power of ONE, ignite the flame within and illustrate ways each one can reach many and be an effective, positive change agent in the world.
Are you an author that deserves to have your voice heard? Do you need help in how to maximize and monetize your message? Contact us today and let us help you design your success!

Alesha Brown, CEO, Fruition Publishing Concierge Services

Editor-in-Chief, Published! Magazine 

Award-Winning Entrepreneur|Publisher|Transformational Speaker

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