International Women’s Day Spotlight: Author Carol Gee

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Happy International Women’s Day! Can you imagine a world without women? Fortunately, you do not have to!

This month, I am celebrating some phenomenal women and their accomplishments on my platform, starting with Author Carol Gee. Carol is a retired Air Force veteran who enjoyed a short stint as a mental health counselor before becoming a long-time former educator. An author, columnist, and motivational speaker, she encourages girls, women, and men to celebrate and embrace their thoughts, their feelings, the silly things they do. 

Growing up, people always told me that I would make a great teacher because I spoke so well and had a way with words,” Gee said. “So while I l dreamed of writing the great American novel, the women in my ‘village’ (my mother’s beauty shops) saw me chalk-on-hand standing in front of a blackboard as, back then, teaching was a revered position.”

Her writings have appeared in such magazines as Diabetes Forecast, Diabetes Health, Dollar Stretcher Magazine, Woman’s World Magazine, and numerous others. She and her husband were featured in the Feb 2017 issue of Essence Magazine article, “Standing Up For His Health.” Gee and her husband of 49 years live in an Atlanta, GA suburb.

Today, on International Women’s Day, Carol Gee releases her newest book, Telling Stories, Sharing Confidences: Stories of Kindness, Humor, and Other Musings, for Uncertain Times. Telling Stories, Sharing Confidences, the fourth book in the ‘girlfriend’ series, shares one woman’s humanity, warts, and neuroses alike. Author Carol Gee shares the many kindnesses bestowed upon her, many humorous moments, and her comical thoughts on numerous subjects.

  • Kindness gone wrong: her mother’s coworker provided a bag of used clothing for Carol and her sister, including the infamous “Easter hat” hated by most children.
  • Kindness in the military: one random act of kindness resulted in a friendship still going strong today, 46 years later.
  • Kindness during health challenges: find out the random act of kindness extended during life-changing surgeries and when no family was nearby.

Strength, kindness, and confidence are certainly things that the world needs now. Author Carol Gee, we salute you and thank you for your service to this country. Thank you for being a woman of worth, recognition, and laughter. 

Author Carol Gee’s work and humor can be found at 

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