Rise Resolute Little Hearts (Hardcover)

Trim Size: 8.5×8.5

Publication Date: 11/01/2022

Publisher: Fruition Publishing Concierge Services™

Contact: Info@FruitionPublishing.com



Rise Resolute, Little Hearts is a compilation of many of the different stories shared on the Rise Resolute Podcast by strong, amazing, and diverse athletes geared at improving mental skills and resilience in our children. Gina Meyer has four children of her own and knows how much kids can benefit from practicing perseverance and growth through struggles, especially with the unprecedented challenges we are currently facing.

Gina Meyer is a Doctor of Physical Therapy and an innovator in the health and wellness industry. Practicing since 2003, Dr. Meyer is an advocate for the development of mental well-being and inner strength to help her patients recover from pain symptoms (or survive any struggle) to live vibrant lives full of joy and purpose.

As the host of the Rise Resolute Podcast, which she founded to honor the life and legacy of love left behind by her mother, Dr. Meyer connects and empowers women. The Rise Resolute Podcast focuses on developing the athlete mindset within all of us, sharing real stories from female athletes about the skills they’ve learned through their unique struggles and triumphs.

Dr. Meyer believes in the profound ability of each little heart to rise to its unique calling. The strength our children need is already within; we need only help them find it.


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