When There is Hope Book




We ALL need HOPE:

We all need Hope because life can be hard. Sometimes, we have to endure a bad day. Other times, we face heartache. No amount of tears can bring it to an end. Most of us face difficult times more often than we would like. Yet, as difficult as life can be, Hope guides us and gets us through the storms of life. Take away Hope and even the small things crush us.

As we look at the big picture in our world, we see hopeless situations. The news regularly blasts us with stories of the harmful and even evil situations people endure. Abuse, divorce, murder, war, famine, rape, and natural disasters torment our lives and shred our broken world. Beyond the unexpected disasters that make the news, we’re wounded by the daily actions of others who never get headlines but hurt us deeply.

This book was written as a testament/testimony to show that the same events/experiences we have right now are similar to those in the Word of God. In today’s complex and challenging world, the lessons contained within this book can be comforting and encouraging. Purchase your copy of When There is H.O.P.E, Healing Overcomes Painful Events.


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